Dental Treatment

Dental Care by Perfect32

At Perfect 32 we want to keep your teeth in the best dental health they can be in. Whether it is a one off treatment that you’ve been meaning to get sorted, or you’re looking for a respected dental practice to handle regular dental care we’re here to help. We’ve heavily invested in our skills and services, ensuring we meet your needs to the highest of standards.

Everyone deserves to have a great smile, and now with the latest dental cosmetic treatments we are able to provide affordable options to achieve this.

Treatments we offer at Perfect 32:

Family and routine dental care

A full mouth MOT.

We’re happy to say most of our patients only require a routine examination when they come in. We provide a comprehensive examination of the whole mouth, not just your teeth. From jaw concerns, to gum problems and soft tissue issues, we’ve got you covered. Most importantly we screen for oral cancer at every check up.


We’ll let you know of any problems and advise you of any recommendations. Our thorough examinations ensure that we can quickly detect any issues early.


Staying informed.

We know what it’s like to be confused or daunted with treatment options, which is why we will always carefully explain any treatment required and any alternative options. We want you to feel comfortable with your choice of treatment being undertaken, without feeling rushed. And if we know a specialist is required, we will be more than happy to refer you to the most appropriate clinician.


Family health.

Your family health matters to us – did you know, we can see children as young as 6 months?

From their first tooth, we like to get both parent and child into good brushing habits and ready them for the future. Our dental team look forward to caring for the whole family!


A clearer picture.

We’re proud that all our dentists wear magnifying loupes with LED illumination, which lets them see much better than the old fashioned overhead lights from yesterday’s dentists. Digital X-rays mean we can use lower doses of radiation and have the X-ray available instantly – no waiting around for a diagnosis!

Routine Dentistry

Whether it’s routine care or cosmetic dental treatment you’re looking for, we’d love to help. We cover all aspects of routine restorative work to your teeth including chipped teeth, broken fillings, dentures, bridges and crowns. We can also help with complicated dental cases, cosmetic treatments, problematic dentures, tooth replacement and gaps.

White Fillings

Not keen on metal fillings? We can replace old metal fillings on back teeth with beautiful tooth coloured fillings. White fillings can transform smiles to change the shape and size of teeth of front teeth – this is commonly known as ‘composite bonding’. For more information about this please see our cosmetic section.


Cast Study 1

‘Composite bonding’ on upper central incisors – courtesy of Dr. Gary Rowland


Posterior Composite

A white composite filling on a first molar tooth – courtesy of Dr Cheng Yeoh

Scaling, cleaning and treatment of gum disease

Whether you’re looking to tackle gum disease, or just want any tartar and staining cleaned up, our friendly hygienists are here to help. Their aim is to help patients maintain gum health and prevent future problems.

Our hygienists are gentle and reassuring. They love to educate patients with a friendly approach, so please feel free to ask them anything about your oral health! They have had extensive experience and training in treating advanced gum disease (periodontal disease) and are experts in removing any staining that can accumulate on your teeth. Did you know that regular visits to the hygienist can help treat and prevent gum disease?


For those wishing to get the ultimate in stain removal, we think you’ll love our amazing AirFlow® stain removal service!


Air PolishRemoving heavy staining with scaling and AirFlow® polishing! Courtesy of Dr Cheng Yeoh

We can help with missing teeth.


Missing a tooth? Not happy with a gap? We can help restore the appearance of your smile!

Missing teeth can make eating difficult and cause embarrassment when smiling. A bridge replaces missing teeth with a false tooth attached to the tooth next to it. This can often be done without injections or drilling.

We are lucky enough to work very closely with some of the best dental laboratories in the country.  Using the latest technologies and materials our bridges looks so good it can be difficult to tell the difference between a bridge and your natural teeth. Love smiling again and regain your confidence – don’t worry – we’ll keep your secret!


Our dentists would love to help with any denture issues you may have. Problems with eating, speaking or pain can really affect the enjoyment of everyday life and we can certainly help. As the shape of our mouths change over time, dentures that once fitted well may no longer fit properly and adjustments or remaking them may be necessary.
If you’re unhappy with missing teeth, or have a gap that you’d like filling, dentures can be a very aesthetic and functional treatment.

Root Canal Treatment

Sometimes nerves in the teeth can die off, this can cause toothache and lead to abscesses and infections. At Perfect 32 we try and save as many of these teeth as we can and we have invested in cutting edge equipment to help us help you!


Gary has had advanced training on complicated root canal treatments. He uses a Global Surgical™ operating microscope and a state of the art cleaning system when treating root canals, which means he can find and clean the canals more easily. Our surgeries are equipped with the latest top of the range Protaper® Universal and WaveOne® files, System B and Obtura filling equipment as used by all the expert endodontists (root canal dentists) in the world. Our patients are made so comfortable in the chair that some of our patients have even fallen asleep during treatment!


With Gary’s caring and gentle manner, his aim is to make sure all his patients are comfortable when having treatment. We understand that the dentist is not everyone’s favourite place to be, but at Perfect 32, we try our best to make sure you leave with a smile!


We happily accept all referrals to Dr Gary Rowland from our dental colleagues for difficult root canal cases.

Crowns and Veneers

Sometimes teeth are so broken down that a filling isn’t enough to protect the remaining structure. This is when a custom made crown made by our dental technicians can help reinforce the remaining tooth.  Whether it’s a new crown you need or you’d like your crowns replaced with more cosmetic options we can help.