Cosmetic Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics

At Perfect 32 we offer a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments. From brightening your teeth to designing that perfect smile, we can help everyone look their best. We believe that dentistry combines both science and art; cosmetic dentistry allows the dentist to recreate beauty found in nature. From composite bonding to expertly crafted ceramics, we can tackle even the most challenging cases. The practice continually invests in heavily in further training, materials and equipment and has been happily treating patients in Beverley, Hull, Cottingham, York and from all areas of East Yorkshire.

At Perfect 32 we provide a range of options making it effective, affordable and safe. Now it’s even easier to get that whiter and brighter smile!


Cosmetic treatments we offer:

White Composite Fillings
Veneers and Crowns
Airflow Polishing
Teeth Whitening and Bleaching
Facial aesthetics, anti wrinkle treatments, lip and dermal fillers


White Fillings / Composite Fillings / Cosmetic Bonding

Using ‘composite bonding’ we can transform the shape, size and colour of your teeth. Composite bonding is drill free dentistry.  On a healthy tooth, we carefully add or ‘bond’ tooth coloured composite material to your teeth, to enhance the shape of your teeth to the way you want.  Teeth can be made longer, wider, and gaps in between the teeth can be reduced.

We use the latest techniques, in many cases when the treatment is finished, you won’t even be able to tell anything has been done!  That gap between your front teeth?  We can make it disappear.

We use the very best cosmetic materials we can.  Our secret is we use two of the industry’s best, most aesthetic white filling composite materials to bond to the teeth – Micerium HFO composite and Heraeus Venus Pearl composite.  These two materials look absolutely stunning and we are confident they offer the very best in cosmetics for our patients.  Most repairs are usually indistinguishable from natural teeth making the repairs look truly invisible.


Cast Study 1

‘Composite bonding’ on upper central incisors – courtesy of Gary Rowland


A white composite filling on a first molar tooth – courtesy of Chia Yeoh


Veneers & Crowns

Do you have an unsightly crown spoiling your lovely smile, or would you like to change the appearance of your front teeth? At Perfect 32 we can help give you your perfect smile with our wide range of cosmetic options. Even better, we have some options which may be suitable that require no injections or drilling!

Porcelain veneers are thin layers of porcelain that are fitted onto the front surface of a tooth. Crafted to look like natural teeth, they can mask unsightly stains, discolourations, or change the shape and form of a tooth. We also offer composite veneers – which uses the same technique as composite bonding described above – extremely beautiful and drill free too!

Do your old crowns bother you? Old crowns can get darker round the edges, near the neck of the teeth. We can help these look natural again and blend in with the rest of your smile.

Crowns and veneers can also help change the shape and appearance of your teeth if they aren’t straight, chipped or crooked. A crown is made from the same materials as a veneer and can look identical and function identically – it just covers more surfaces of the tooth.

At Perfect 32 we use the finest materials available to create your crowns and veneers – eMax and Zirconia crowns.

Ivoclar eMax crowns and veneers are the latest in dentine and porcelain bonding technology. We are now able to create beautiful crowns fully from ceramic that look beautiful and are super strong. They are completely metal free, which means they look amazingly natural.


CrownsA lovely aesthetic replacement eMax crown –  Chia Yeoh

Zirconia Crowns – Sometimes called white steel, zirconia is a ceramic material that is the strongest available. Perfect for back teeth where the extra strength is required, zirconia can be an ideal replacement for any conventional crowns that require replacing but where aesthetics and strength are a concern.


Polishing like you’ve never seen!  With our latest Airflow polishing, our treatment can help remove the heavy stains from tea, coffee, wine and smoking. It uses a gentle flow of powder to remove stubborn staining that accumulates over time. Even better news is that it’s quick, can be done at the end of a scaling appointment and gives immediate results! It is a perfect treatment to compliment teeth whitening – once stains have been removed, the whiteness of the teeth can really shine through!


AirflowRemoving heavy staining with scaling and air polishing!  Treatment by  Cheng Yeoh



Our takeaway custom made tooth whitening kits provide, an effective, affordable and safe way to lighten those smiles. Did you know tooth whitening can only be legally performed by a dentist?

One of our favourite cosmetic treatments, it offers some of the biggest and quickest changes to the appearance of your smile! Tooth whitening, when done correctly, is completely harmless, and lightens the natural colour of your teeth. Teeth naturally darken as they get older and your teeth can pick up staining from everyday foods and drinks such as coffees, teas, and red wine.

When you get your teeth whitened, we use a prescription whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide which breaks down the stains and discolouration on the outside of your teeth and also diffuses and travels into the tooth, whitening the shade of the teeth on the inside.


whiteningTooth whitening is simple, safe, and easy – courtesy of Chia Yeoh