Why Perfect 32?

At Perfect 32, we strive to provide the highest standards in dental care with our welcoming, friendly team. We know how hard it can be to find a dental practice you can trust and we’d love to give you plenty of reasons to visit us. Our approachable and caring team understands that a visit to the dentist can be a little daunting, and love to put our patients at ease. That’s why we discuss your concerns from the very beginning and welcome you to take your time and ask any questions you may have. Our aim is to ensure our patients receive the most pleasant dental experience in a relaxed , reassuring environment, and the very best quality in dental care.


We are very lucky to have recruited a team passionate and enthusiastic about lifelong learning. Our dentists have travelled far and wide to keep their training at the cutting edge so that our patients get the exceptional dentistry they deserve. Training includes courses in America, Europe and across the UK from Pascal Magne, Jason Smithson, Dr. Raymond Bertolotti and Dr Lorenzo Vanini.

Dr Chia Yeoh and Dr Gary Rowland’s commitment to the dental profession have led them to be involved in mentoring and teaching the foundation dentists over the years in East Yorkshire. This is no easy feat, and definitely keeps them on their toes!


We’re proud of the care we deliver, and below are a few reasons we think that set us apart from the crowd.


Let there be light.

Let’s face it, mouths are dark places. That’s why all our dentists at Perfect 32 are equipped with magnifying loupes and on-axis LED technology to help us see even better.

And because we can see better, your treatment is better.

This means we can spot problems before they cause issues. These little gizmos are not commonly used by your garden variety dentist due to cost and training, but the advantages are clear.

We can see more. Way more.  


Lets take a closer look.

In addition to using 2.5x magnification loupes for all routine procedures, we’re excited to announce we’ve taken delivery of a Global operating microscope. This amazing piece of kit allows us to magnify images up to 20x. Commonly used on private root canal cases, a microscope allows us to see details that are invisible to the naked eye or at lower magnifications.


The end result? More predictable treatment, better filled root canals, and a longer life for the tooth!



Uncompromising Standards.


We’re proud of the fact that all our dentists, therapists and staff are UK trained. The UK dental qualification, training standards and regulations for dentistry are amongst the highest and most stringent in the world. We’re proud that our practice has passed the strict CQC inspection with flying colours!



Prevention is better than cure.

It’s a sad fact that once a tooth has been drilled, that holes and fillings will eventually get bigger with each replacement. When fillings fail, a replacement usually means more drilling resulting in more tooth removal. Often treatment can be completely avoided with just a small lifestyle change.


That’s why our preventative approach is aimed at preventing any drilling in the first place. In the cases we feel treatment is absolutely necessary, we preserve as much tooth as we can – keeping the filling as small as feasibly possible.


We’re keen to educate you with all the information you need to stop any future problems and to keep any dental treatment to a minimum. Our friendly hygienists ensure that your oral health in optimum and your risk profile is kept low.

Endodontic micromotor control unit / bench-top / electric / complete set

Cutting edge – not cutting corners.

Perfect 32 invests heavily in cutting edge technology to ensure we deliver the very best care. Our Global operating microscope lets us literally see the invisible. We use cutting edge adhesive technology including Optibond FL, HFO and HRI nano-filled composites.

Optibond FL bond is the most advanced 4th generation bonding agent we’ve ever used – and ensures that our white composite fillings are perfect every time. Micerium’s HFO and HRI composites are considered as some of the most natural looking composites available.

For root canal treatment we have some of the most advanced nickel titanium instruments on the market – including WaveOne and Dentsply’s class leading Pro Taper Universal.


We love providing the very best treatments for our patients and we’re very excited to be working with the very best technology available to do so!