Patient Cases

We have put together a small selection of our patient cases which have helped transform our patients smiles.  Our patients have been delighted with their results!

Case one:

This case involved a 55 yr old lady who presented with some old crowns and fillings she had had for many years. She was unhappy with the unnatural, monochromatic appearance of the crown on the upper left first incisor and the staining around the margins of her fillings. Because of the lack of remaining quality tooth tissue we decided on a fairly comprehensive treatment plan and placed crowns on the four incisor teeth followed by restoring the canine teeth with composite to conserve tooth structure. The patient found the end result a considerable improvement.


Case 1

Case two:

This case involved a 48 year old lady was unhappy with the colour and shape of her front teeth as well as the unsightly gaps. This involved constructing a pre-treatment wax pattern on a model to allow the patient to visualise the shape and size of the final result before copying this to the mouth. The whole wax pattern was duplicated in composite resin which bonds directly to tooth structure. The advantage of this technique is no preparation on the teeth is required which results in avoiding unnecessary destruction of precious tooth tissue which is required with more conventional treatments such as crowns and veneers. We are pleased to say that the patient was delighted with the final outcome.


Case 2

Case three:

This was a young lady presented to us with confidence issues due to her unsightly looking veneers. After removing the old veneers to assess the remaining tooth structure, it was decided to restore these teeth with crowns as the teeth were heavily restored and lacked much original tooth structure. The case require temporary crowns for a several months to allow for optimum gum health prior to placing permanent crowns. The end results was a complete transformation and now allows our patient to smile with confidence.


Case 3

Case four:

This lady presented with a combination of problems. She had a genetic condition affecting her tooth structure  in addition to staining from certain antibiotics as a child . Compounding this was some missing adult teeth and retained deciduous teeth. It was decided to veneer the four front teeth in porcelain and shape the upper right canine tooth to resemble a lateral incisor. Direct composite was used to reshape the canine (The patient’s upper right canine was in fact a deciduous (baby) tooth) and therefore avoided destroying precious,natural enamel.


Case 4