Complex Dentistry

We welcome complex cases to Perfect 32! Our team includes Gary Rowland who has built an impressive reputation in East Yorkshire for his advanced restorative skills. He has had extensive training to master all aspects of restorative and conservative dentistry and welcomes any referrals for difficult cases that may be outside the remit of other dental colleagues. He has gained his post graduate Masters at the prestigious Eastman Dental Hospital and a Diploma in implantology at Manchester University.  He has also been a clinical tutor at the Leeds University Dental School.

Mohsin Aslam has recently completed his comprehensive “Aesthetic and Restorative dentistry ” course taught on Harley Street by renowned dentist Basil Mizrahi and is using his skills to offer our patients a wide range of advanced treatments.

Chia Yeoh has a keen interest in composite work and has been trained using HFO and HRI composite by leaders in the field including Jason Smithson. His aim is to make the filling indistinguishable from natural tooth.

Cheng Yeoh has an interest in root canal treatment and is experienced using the System B™, Obtura™ and ProTaper® endodontic systems.  He also has training by Jason Smithson in composite bonding techniques.



We treat many complex dental issues including:

Severe tooth wear
Anti-snoring device
Advanced root canal treatment (by referral)
Anxious patients and sedation
Referrals from other dentists

Severe tooth wear

If you feel your teeth look chipped, appear thinner or shorter than normal; you may be suffering from tooth wear. We can help. Tooth wear is the loss of healthy tooth which can cause the teeth to get thinner or shorter. It can be caused by dental ‘erosion’ (caused by acids weakening the enamel), heavy mechanical forces (such as brushing too hard) or if you grind your teeth.

Not all tooth wear cases require treatment. Our dentists can provide advice and, if required, treatment to help prevent the tooth wear getting worse. However where there has been significant loss of tooth structure then treatment may be required.

In cases where the condition has been ongoing for prolonged periods of time, case management is usually more challenging and requires extensive experience. Planning is key to success for these cases and therefore study models, articulators and photographs will often be essential for a predictable, successful outcome.

At Perfect 32 we have these facilities along with experience and expertise to ensure we deliver excellent results.



Gary Rowland’s case preparation and careful planning for a wear case

Anti-Snoring Devices

Anti-Snoring Devices

With over 40% of the adult population snoring, there’s a good chance that you or someone you know is affected by snoring. At Perfect 32 we are excited to say we can help those sleepless nights by providing an anti-snoring device! Our patients have been DELIGHTED with these! Otherwise known as a Mandibular Advancement Device (M.A.D) these devices help snorers by helping open your airways, making it easier for you to breathe and help eliminate snoring.

We are pleased to announce that at the time of writing we have had a 100% success rate with our devices since we started providing them in 2011. Patients will have to book a snoring assessment with our dentists prior to having the device constructed.

Advanced Root Canal Treatment

Sometimes nerves in the teeth can die off, this can cause toothache and lead to abscesses and infections. At Perfect 32 we try and save as many of these teeth as we can and we have invested in cutting edge equipment to help us help you!  Some cases can be exceptionally difficult and need advanced training and experience to treat successfully.


Gary has had advanced training on complicated root canal treatments. He uses a Global Surgical™ operating microscope and a state of the art cleaning system when treating root canals, which means he can find and clean the canals more easily. Our surgeries are equipped with the latest top of the range Protaper® Universal and WaveOne® files, System B and Obtura filling equipment as used by all the expert endodontists (root canal dentists) in the world. Our patients are made so comfortable in the chair that some of our patients have even fallen asleep during treatment!


With Gary’s caring and gentle manner, his aim is to make sure all his patients are comfortable when having treatment. We understand that the dentist is not everyone’s favourite place to be, but at Perfect 32, we try our best to make sure you leave with a smile!

We happily accept all referrals to Dr Gary Rowland from our dental colleagues for difficult root canal cases.

Anxious Patient?

We understand that some people may be anxious and nervous when they come to see us.
Our dental team are gentle and approachable and would love to look after you. With our gentle, reassuring manner, most patients feel much better and are comfortable to be treated without any further assistance. For the patients that still feel very anxious, or for more lengthy procedures, we offer a sedation service that can help you feel more comfortable.
Intravenous sedation allows patients to feel calm and relaxed during treatment, making the whole dental experience more pleasant.

This treatment may not be suitable for everyone, so prior to treatment a consultation is always needed.


Perfect 32 takes referrals from dentists all across Yorkshire for complex restorative dentistry and sedation. If you’re a a dental care professional who thinks your patient would benefit from our expertise we would be delighted to help. Please see the referral form for more information.